Track Descriptions


This level indicates that you understand the fundamentals and are able to execute them. You’ve danced Lindy Hop before and taken a few classes. You are familiar with the 6-count patterns and 8-count swing outs and circles. You are working on becoming more comfortable on the social floor, stringing those moves together. Higher tempos are a bit challenging still since you are still trying to think of the move the comes next if you are a lead or how to keep your frame so you can follow.


This level is for experienced dancers. Your basics are solid. You have comprehensive knowledge of classic Lindy Hop moves and the connections they require, as well as Charleston basics and Tandem Charleston. You are able to use 4-, 6- and 8-count moves to work with musical phrases. You are working on improving your partner connection, combining these pieces and working on becoming more musical in your dancing. You are ready to learn new rhythms and variations. The material in this level will be more challenging and move at a fast pace.