Photo Credit: Rachel Coutant

Gregory Street Vagabonds are a mix of Lindy Hop dancers and musicians who’ve come together to take part in the jubilant and energetic musical styles of swing and jazz from the 1930’s and 1940’s. They play original arrangements of classic songs from the Swing Era, as well as classic arrangements adapted for our unique instrumentation. GSV have performed around Rochester at local music venues such as Iron Smoke Distillery, the Little Theatre Cafe, and Abilene, at dances for Groove Juice Swing, the RIT and University of Rochester Swing Dance clubs, as well as at the North Vintage Village Festival of the Arts and the Rochester Fringe Festival.

The Vagabonds are: Alex Burr, bandleader, on guitar, Frank Dimino on drums, Evan Hamaguchi on Tenor and Baritone sax and clarinet, Michelle Long on ukulele, Jory Osterman on upright bass, Arch Perkins on keyboard, Alyssa Rodriguez on fiddle, and Mike Thibault on alto sax. We also feature vocals from Gretta Cavatassi and Evan Miller Watelet.